Six borough primary schools have been binded together to create a new academy trust which celebrates "uniqueness and individuality".

Woodbank Primary, Heaton Park Primary, Ribble Drive Primary, Butterstile Primary, Whitefield Primary and Cams Lane Primary are now part of the newly formed, The Collective Community Trust.

The schools originate from a cluster of 15 schools called the Beacon Alliance, which formed eight years ago.

The trust held a launch afternoon event on Tuesday, April 16 at Ribble Drive Primary School, celebrating with stakeholders, headteachers, pupils, trustees and members.

Bury Times: The launch eventThe launch event (Image: Supplied)

Children’s work from the six schools were on display to celebrate what is special about each school.

The choir from Ribble Drive Primary performed and key people were thanked for their work.

Speeches were delivered, cake was served and balloons were on display.

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Bury Times: Reading material at the launch eventReading material at the launch event (Image: Supplied)

The trust's mission statement is “celebrating uniqueness and individuality”.

Its ethos focuses on having "learning, achieving and caring at the heart of everything they do – being innovative, collaborative and inclusive".

The headteachers are looking forward to "exciting times ahead".

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Bury Times: Cake served at the launch eventCake served at the launch event (Image: Supplied)

Bury Times: One of the cakes at the launch eventOne of the cakes at the launch event (Image: Supplied)

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Trust CEO Kelly Macadam said: “It has been a long journey towards conversion, and I want to thank the headteachers, governors, trustees and members for their support in the process, as well as J&G Marshall Ltd.

"It's been a real collaborative, team effort.

"We are extremely excited in our journey moving forwards and are confident we will go from strength to strength, providing opportunities for lifelong learning for all and encouraging our schools to flourish and innovate within their own unique context."