A sports club plans to create "a college of rugby" on parkland close to the M60.

Sedgley Rugby Club plans to place five cabins close to their training pitches at Phillips Park, Whitefield.

In planning documents published in the past week, the club said the development is to create a dedicated space for a college of rugby, aiming to foster the development for local children through education, sports, and life skills enhancement.

The park is designated green belt land but the club said the cabins would be temporary in nature, could be removed easily and that the creation of the college was within the exceptions for green belt development.

A design and access statement attached to the plans said: “This proposal seeks approval for the temporary use of these structures to facilitate the positive development of the community’s youth, emphasising the importance of education, sports, and life skills within a controlled and nurturing environment.

“The primary function of the proposed development is to provide a dedicated space for the College of Rugby, where 15 to 20 students can engage in educational programs, rugby training, and activities promoting social and life skills development.

"The cabins will be in use between 9am and 5pm on weekdays.

“The development will consist of five cabins, each measuring approximately 6m by 5m and standing at a height of 2.8m. These cabins will be converted to accommodate two classrooms, a gym, a kitchenette, and toilet facilities.

“The sustainable use of recycled cabins aligns with our client’s commitment to environmentally conscious practices. There will be no permanent foundations.

“The cabins will be sat on levelling pads. All will be removable once the cabins are finished with, and the land will be put back to its original state.”

The clubs training pitches

The club's training pitches

Car access and parking for the rugby pitches will be off Philips Park Road.

The application’s conclusion said: “The temporary installation of cabins for The College of Rugby at Sedgley Rugby Club presents a valuable opportunity to contribute to the development of local children in a sustainable and responsible manner.

“The design prioritises functionality, safety, and environmental consciousness, aligning with the overarching goals both educational and sporting institutions involved.”

The council will consider the plans in the coming weeks.