Work is ongoing to restore a historic bridge back to its "former glory".

Repair and refurbishment work is being carried out at Queen's Park Bridge in Heywood to return its "original look and feel".

Sharing pictures of the site, a Rochdale Council spokesperson said: "Here's some fab progress shots of the repair and refurbishment of Queen's Park Bridge.

"Heywood-based contractors BDB Special Projects have worked hard to restore the original look and feel of this historic bridge, which is over 90 years old.

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"To achieve this, the parapets and pilasters on the eastern (park) side of the bridge have been taken to footpath level and rebuilt.

"Some were made offsite and then installed onsite and the rest were made in place on the bridge."

Traffic measures are in place as the project carries on.

The spokesperson added: "Thanks so much for your patience as this important work continues and we can't wait to see this important structure restored to its former glory."