A borough hair salon has rolled out a new service to offer a "transformative experience" for clients.  

Farah Naz Hairdressing on Bury New Road in Prestwich has launched a mirrorless hair service.

The service involves covering the mirror with a board at the start of the haircut, meaning you only see your hair before the haircut and at the very end.

Bury Times: Inside the salonInside the salon (Image: Supplied)

Owner Farah Naz, 44, from Manchester, says there are three main benefits for people using the service.

She said: “The first reason is for the great reveal.

“When somebody is having something really different done to their hair and want a great reveal, a mirrorless service can provide that transformative experience.”

The second major positive regards limiting distractions.

Bury Times: Farah Naz Hairdressing on Bury New Road in PrestwichFarah Naz Hairdressing on Bury New Road in Prestwich (Image: Supplied)

Farah said: “Since Covid a lot of people work from home, we find a lot of people in the salon working.

“So by having no mirrors, they can relax more and be less distracted.”

The third and main inspiration is to alleviate fears and anxieties people may have by looking at themselves, including sufferers of catoptrophobia, a fear of mirrors.

Bury Times: Inside the salonInside the salon (Image: Supplied)

Farah added: “The more people I speak to, the more people aren’t very comfortable looking at themselves for a long period of time.”

Farah works to ensure the salon is inclusive for all.

She said: “I’m quite an advocate for making everybody feel welcome in the salon.

“We offer silent appointments, a private space and a gender-neutral price list – we charge per time, not by gender.”

The service involve magnetic strips that easily attach to the mirror.

Farah said: “It takes two seconds to put the board up.

“We put some cool, body positive slogans on them.

“We’ve got a couple of boards that we can put in the main salon downstairs, and we’ve got some we can put upstairs in the private area as well.”

The salon, which has been nominated for several awards, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in August as Farah looks ahead to the next service to provide.

She added: “People want to know what the next big thing is and it’s our job to research and bring them that."

The mirrorless service can be requested when booking an appointment.