Plans for a spectacular lakeside café – with a possible outdoor seating deck over the water – have been unveiled.

The café, along with a shop and a rebuilt boathouse are the subject of a planning application by Pilsworth Fishery, which operates three lakes off Moss Hall Road in Bury.

The main lake was originally dug in the mid 19th century to serve the Pilsworth Clough Mills bleach works.

The water supply came from the two main sources of Three Arrows or Brightley Brook and Harehills Brook, while an additional source came from a colliery pit supply which was used in occasional dry seasons.

The venue is presently used as an angling centre with the three lakes healthily stocked with carp, chub, tench, roach and barbel.


Plans for a lakeside café have been lodged

Plans for a lakeside café have been lodged


Plans submitted to the council describe ambitious plans for the café and shop to serve both anglers and the general public and include concept images of the structure.

A design and access in support of the plans said: “The building emerges at the head of the lake following the winding approach along the track.

“It nestles into the lower ground to the west of the former bailiff’s cottage proposal.

“Our first concept frames the view over the lake between structures.

“The café and shop are separated and form a courtyard by the lake edge with decking extending over the water.

“The material is predominantly timber and further exploration seeks to capture the notion of a fisherman’s make-shift shelter.

“The shop will serve the needs of the fishing community including supply of bait and tackle, the café will serve both the fishermen and the public, including support facilities and conveniences, and with potential for small exhibitions interpretative displays and information.

“The angling use on site will be maintained and the recreational activities will attract people from the wider community.

“Other outdoor events including walks, picnics, nature watching, play areas will also be encouraged which will help in enhancing people’s lives and wellbeing.”


Plans for a lakeside café have been lodged

Plans for a lakeside café have been lodged

Plans for a lakeside café have been lodged

Plans for a lakeside café have been lodged


The application concluded: “Building on the current fishing activities the applicant aspires to broaden access to the wider community for walks, picnics and nature watching.

“A shop will serve the fisherman’s needs and a café will provide amenity and a place to pause and enjoy the landscape.

“The proposals also aim to identify and celebrate the unique heritage value of the site and demonstrate the region’s significance in early industrialisation and during World War II.”