A man attacked three police officers while resisting being arrested due to him breaching court bail.

Rhys Warburton, of Mather Street, Radcliffe, was at his partner’s house in Bury on April 9 when the attack took place, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

Police officers arrived at the address and were greeted by a woman who told them Warburton was not in, however after a search of the property he was found hiding.

The court bail breach was for a racially aggravated actual bodily harm offence he committed in October 2022.

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Prosecuting, Emmanuel Coniah said Warburton was arrested and put in handcuffs and was resistant to walking down the stairs.

He told officers he needed the toilet but was told he would have to wait until he arrived at custody.

Warburton then became aggressive and police officers used force to ensure their safety.

Mr Coniah told the court Warburton then refused to walk to the police van and officers then moved him onto a bed in another room where he was restrained and warned that he needed to comply, but he refused.

Body camera footage showed Warburton kicking out at one of the officers who then stood on his legs to prevent further harm.

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Warburton then kicked out at another officer and the aggressive behaviour continued for a number of minutes before he was eventually put into a police van.

The three officers sustained scrapes and bruising to their hands, arms and shins, the court was told.

Defending, Alex Beever, said Warburton has made a habit of carrying out this sort of behaviour and keeps returning to custody.

However, he entered a guilty plea at the first opportunity.

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Mr Beever added that Warburton struggles with his mental health and suffers from psychosis, ADHD, depression and anxiety and he was without his medication on the day of the incident.

The injuries the officers received were minor and his violent response was said to have due to the officers being "heavy handed" during the arrest.

Judge Bernadette Baxter said Warburton, 28, had a “poor record and in recent times has had violent outbursts towards a variety of people”.

He was sentenced for three offences of assault by beating of an emergency worker and sentenced to four months for each offence to be served concurrently, serving two months in custody and the remainder on licence.