I am not what you would call a "betting man".

I admit to having the occasional flutter and I do frequently buy a lottery ticket.

This, I am sure you understand, is merely to support a good cause. As it happens, given my abysmal record of winnings on the lottery, I have indeed supported many worthy causes over the past 30 years.

Much of what I know about betting is gleaned from adverts during sports programmes.

I do know that many betting firms offer a facility called "cash out". Basically, this means that for example, someone places a bet on a team to win a match, they can "cash out" the bet before the match has ended if their team is indeed winning at the time.

I think Sir Keir Starmer thinks he can "cash out" on the general election as he is ahead in the polls and has done well in by-elections and the recent local elections.

There has been much speculation that the Prime Minister would call the general election on the same day as the local elections. He didn't.

It could still theoretically be held later in June or July but the Prime Minister himself has stated that he is minded to wait till later in the year. My guess for what it is worth is November.

I do not believe the public want elections to be held before it is necessary.

Remember "Brenda of Bristol" who famously expressed disbelief when Mrs May called a snap election in 2017.

Interestingly for the elections in 2017 and 2019 it was necessary for the House of Commons to vote by a substantial majority to hold an early election as they were then subject to the Fixed Term Parliaments Act brought in by the coalition government of Cameron and Clegg as a condition of the coalition agreement.

However, the Johnson government repealed that Act and we have now reverted to the tried and trusted method of the Prime Minister making the decision and seeking an " audience " with the Monarch - currently HM King Charles- who then - by convention- grants the request and dissolves Parliament.

Although there was much speculation in the press, I believe much of the discussion was generated by the opposition parties, in particular the Labour Party.

Indeed Jonathan Ashworth MP, a leading shadow cabinet member (shadow postmaster general), recently accepted a £10 bet live on Sky News that there would be an election in May.

Incidentally, when I recently met Jonathan at a function, he told me he grew up in Whitefield. Clearly Bury is a good breeding ground for politicians! (think Sir Robert Peel).

When someone cashes in a bet it is usually not because they want the money 10 minutes sooner but because they think their team will “blow the lead!" (Manchester United fans will be familiar with this feeling!)

I believe that Labour in particular are actually running scared of an autumn general election.

Bury Times: Labour leader Sir Keir StarmerLabour leader Sir Keir Starmer (Image: PA)

 They believe their best chance of victory would have been in May. 
Rishi Sunak is right to delay till the autumn. 

The economy is picking up. Inflation is now dropping and is predicted to fall to the desired two per cent in the next few weeks.

Interest rates will come down. 

Energy bills are already lower. National Insurance has been reduced and the Chancellor will probably have a mini budget in the late summer in which he will cut income tax. Wages are rising. 

People will start to feel better off. The Rwanda Bill has now been passed into law.

Now where is that betting slip? I fancy a bet on the general election!