A kickabout on a lovely summer afternoon can be ruined when the football you're using is accidentally lobbed into a neighbour's garden.

While many have cordial relations with their next-door neighbours and can simply go over and retrieve it, some may have difficulties.

If you're having problems getting your football back, here is what the law states in the UK.

Can my neighbour keep my football if it lands in their garden?

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Barrett Homes and West Yorkshire Police say that neighbours are legally obligated to return a ball that lands in their garden.

Not doing so could see them prosecuted as this is technically theft.

This can be done in most cases by simply throwing it back over the fence or waiting until the next door asks for it.

However, if this becomes a recurring problem, you may want to speak with the parents of the household to come to an amicable solution to the issue.

In circumstances where an informal solution is not possible, it may be worth contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau to see the next steps you can take.

Is it illegal to go into someone's garden to get your ball?

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It is illegal to enter your neighbour's property without their permission except in some limited circumstances.

Entering a neighbouring property to retrieve a ball is still considered trespassing, according to Nuisance Neighbours.

This is a civil wrong and could lead to legal consequences such as liability for damages.

How to stop footballs flying into your garden

Those looking to stop footballs from leaving or flying into their gardens can utilise mesh netting.

This acts as a barrier, preventing balls from flying over and causing a nuisance.

You may also be able to talk with your neighbour to prevent the issue from happening as often.