A Prestwich man has appeared in court accused of killing a bar-goer with a single punch on a night out in Bury.

Brook Marshall-Byrne, 20, was charged with manslaughter following the death of 35-year-old Piotr Ludwiczak. He died after being punched on Silver Street in July when he tried to intervene in a fight.

Marshall-Byrne is also accused of affray and the assault of another man who he allegedly hit twice, leaving the man with injuries.

A trial at Manchester Crown Court, which began on Monday, heard that in the early hours of Saturday, July 8, Marshall-Byrne became involved in an altercation with another man after the pair had visited a bar in Bury town centre.

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Bury Times: The police cordon on Silver Street, Bury in July 2023The police cordon on Silver Street, Bury in July 2023 (Image: NQ)

In his opening statement, Henry Blackshaw, prosecuting, said “trouble had grown” between two groups of bargoers following the closure of businesses on Silver Street at around 4.30 that morning.

He said that a man approached a group containing Marshall-Byrne, “to see what the trouble was.”

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The court heard that Marshall-Byrne had then lost his temper and struck the man twice “with great force” after being provoked by him.

Following this attack, Mr Blackshaw said that Mr Ludwiczak, who was not known to Marshall-Bryne or the other man, attempted to restrain the defendant with “a bear hug.” The two men fell onto the floor before getting back up again.

After the men got up from the floor, Marshall-Byrne punched Mr Ludwiczak with his right fist which caused him to fall backwards and hit his head on the ground which rendered him unconscious.

Mr Ludwiczak, who was described by his family as someone “well-liked by everyone he met” suffered a fracture to his face and skull, as well as bleeding on the brain. He was taken to hospital and moved to an intensive care unit, where he later died.

Marshall-Byrne was arrested in Radcliffe the following day, telling police he was acting “in self-defence.” He was charged with manslaughter, as well as affray and assault.

The court, presided by judge Nicholas Arthur Dean, heard that Marshall-Byrne is an aspiring boxer and often spent time at the gym.

Mr Blackshaw said Marshall-Byrne had been “acting aggressively” before the incidents and was seen “getting worked up” and “shadow boxing” before removing his gilet. He described the injuries sustained by Mr Ludwiczak as “catastrophic.”

Mr Ludwiczak, who was from Poland, moved to the UK around 10 years ago and lived with his partner in Bury. He also had a young son and witnesses say he was well known in Bury and a regular at the town's bars.

The trial continues.