EVENTS at Bury Hospice are essential to generating income which goes towards ensuring the continued provision of specialist palliative, and end-of-life care.

At the heart of most of our events are the individual people of Bury who get involved with securing sponsorship from their family and friends in support of the work that we do.

Andrea Lennon, 82, of Heaton Park, is one of our fantastic supporters who is doing this, by taking on the AJ Bell Great Manchester Run half marathon, on Sunday.

Many of Andrea’s friends have been cared for in Bury Hospice and she is doing what she can to help support the financial stability of the hospice.

Andrea ran full marathons for many years, starting at aged 45, as a way of breaking free of her usual day-to-day routine. She’s travelled the world solo to race in New York, Cancun, Baton Rouge, Barcelona, and Brussels, to name but a few places.

She has run marathons across the UK and says that she’s taken part in roughly 300 park runs in Heaton Park.

Hospice Notes By Helen Lockwood Hospice chief executive Now Andrea is enjoying race-walking half marathons as she can no longer jog.

She said: “Race walking is a brilliant thing for me, it’s slower but I still enjoy it.”

Andrea trains three times a week and will be doing the half marathon dressed up as comic legend Charlie Chaplin.

She said: “Last year was the first time I dressed up, I thought, ‘I’m going to be out [race-walking] for maybe three hours – I’m going to go for it and get myself dressed up.”

Andrea wore the whole regalia with the top hat and suit.

She said: “I was last out, and last in, but I loved it. The crowd was great and they helped me along – I really felt good.”

Unlike last year (when Andrea competed without seeking sponsorship), this time, she is supporting Bury Hospice.

She said: “I want to do something for Bury Hospice because when you get older you start to think that way.

“A friend of came to the hospice about six months ago, and he died happily there.

“The race is going to be hard but I know my limitations. I know I can do it.”

Keep an eye out for Andrea AKA Charlie Chaplin and all the other fantastic supporters who are taking on the much loved running event in support of Bury Hospice.

We thank you all for taking on this fun, yet physically demanding feat.

Now doubt, the energetically charged atmosphere on the day will spur you on, just as we are.

To support Andrea and see her dressed up as Charlie Chaplin, go online to andrea-lennon-1715175718597 To find out about the events you can take part in, head to https://www.