A proposed drive-thru Starbucks has been rejected by planners in Bury due to road safety fears.

Lion Share Properties Ltd applied for permission for the coffee shop drive-thru at the former Mencap unit within the Victoria Retail Park, Bolton Road, west of Bury town centre.

The proposal requested permission to make alterations to the façade and demolition of the existing side elevation to accommodate a Starbucks café and drive-thru lane.

A design and access statement in support of the plans, said: “The new drive-thru has been proposed on an existing unit with alterations to the elevations to accommodate the drive-thru lane.

“There will be no demonstrable harm to neighbouring amenities, visual amenities or highway safety. “In addition, the proposed development will result in significant planning benefits in terms of job creation, visual amenity, enhanced facilities for residents and visitors with improvement to operational efficiency and traffic circulation of the site.”

Planners at Bury Council disagreed with that assessment.

A decision notice refusing the plans said the council believed the plans would lead to issues of ‘pedestrian and road safety’.

The report, said: “The proposal would result in the loss of existing approved dedicated servicing facilities at the rear of the building for use by all operators in this part of the site and the creation of sub-standard arrangements within the existing car park, which is highly likely to lead to conflicts between manoeuvring service and delivery vehicles and members of the public, to the detriment of pedestrian and road safety.

“It would result in the loss of existing approved car parking facilities at the front of the building, which is likely to lead to vehicles parking and carrying out

manoeuvres on the highway to the detriment of the free flow of traffic and road safety.

The report also said the plans had insufficient information on measures to ensure the development would be net zero and said not enough information was provided about an air conditioning unit to enable the impact of the noise generated to be properly assessed.