It's not every day you see David Beckham, Gary Neville, Peter Schmeichel and many others from the treble-winning 1998-99 Manchester United team in the same room.

But that's exactly what happened at Printworks in Manchester city centre earlier this month.

The reason for this was the premiere of 99, a new documentary airing on Amazon Prime, which documents the legendary side who did what no other British team had ever done - win the treble.

Bury Times: Printworks was taken over for the premierePrintworks was taken over for the premiere (Image: Andrew Timms via Prime Video)

99 is a three-part documentary, and we were invited down for the premiere on May 9, where those in attendance were shown clips from the first two episodes and the entire final episode, which focuses solely on the Champions League final in Barcelona.

I'll admit, I'm too young to remember the treble win.

I'll also admit that despite following Manchester United for my whole life, I've never watched any of the documentaries to come out in recent years such as The Class of '92 and Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In.

But I would not dare turn down an invite to this kind of event.

A red carpet was rolled out, where members of the team walked down, past adoring fans who had queued up to catch a glimpse of the United heroes.

Bury Times: Fans gathered at the red carpet to see stars such as David BeckhamFans gathered at the red carpet to see stars such as David Beckham (Image: Andrew Timms via Prime Video)

Those with tickets were then packed into two screening rooms and were shown some clips from the first two episodes.

Everyone knows the story of what happened to United that season, but this documentary does give you an insight into things I wasn't aware of.

For example, take a clip shown to us from the start of the season which looks at the signing of Dwight Yorke.

Andy Cole admits he was nonplussed by the signing, seeing it as almost an insult to sign someone in his position in spite of how prolific he had been.

Sir Alex Ferguson would not have Cole's attitude though, and dropped him for the team for a few weeks, while Yorke started games.

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United didn't get off to a good start that season though, and it was clear Cole's services were badly needed.

Although Cole was disappointed for a while, he eventually put his ego to the side and decided to connect with Yorke over their Caribbean heritages.

When Cole was reinstated, he and Yorke developed one of the deadliest partnerships seen in the Premier League, and maybe even Europe.

The two had a connection which could not be explained, and indeed they are both unable to explain it in the documentary.

That's what made it so special - if you could explain it, everyone would replicate it. 

But very few can.

Bury Times: Many of the 1998-99 heroes turned outMany of the 1998-99 heroes turned out (Image: Andrew Timms via Prime Video)

We were also shown the FA Cup semi-final replay against Arsenal, where United survived being down a man and Dennis Bergkamp missing a penalty before Ryan Giggs scored one of the tournament's most memorable goals ever.

In the final episode centring on the Champions League win, you are given an insight into the mindsets of the players before the match - the obvious nerves, their feelings about the starting line up which had players out of position, and the feelings of those who missed out, such as Paul Scholes and Roy Keane (although Keane does not speak in the documentary).

Despite knowing the ending, you can't help but be swept up in the nail-biting nerves of the final as if you were watching it live at the time.

Some of the footage is brilliant, shown from all angles including the touchline and stands, and the quality of it holds up even in today's age.

After the end of the screening, an In Conversation was held with Beckham, Yorke, Cole, Schmeichel, Teddy Sheringham and director, Sampson Collins.

Bury Times: The director and some former players sat down for an In Conversation after the screeningThe director and some former players sat down for an In Conversation after the screening (Image: Andrew Timms via Prime Video)

The players waxed lyrical about Sir Alex, heaping praise on him for sticking to his guns during the final and his man-management style.

Speaking at the event, Beckham said he hoped the the new documentary mini-series could inspire the current Man United team, telling talkSPORT: "We’d like to think so and that’s one of the reasons why we want to make things like this.

"We want the lads to feel – from this documentary – the inspiration of being this successful."

On the whole, 99 is a well-crafted documentary series, giving unique into each player's mindset - how each one went into the game differently and felt the victory in different ways.

With United's current form, reminiscing about the past is all that many fans can do to still feel an adoration for their club, and 99 allows them to do that and more.

For any United fans looking to be reminded of the impossible accomplishment that was achieved, and to even learn about nuances and stories they never knew, 99 is a must watch.

99 is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.