A borough academy trust has opened a dedicated training centre focused on improving specialist special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) outcomes.

Last month, Oak Learning Partnership officially opened its outreach and training centre on Sunnybank Road in Unsworth.

The centre will be the trust's central space to offer SEND training and coordinate the school special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) network across Bury.

The centre is also available for rental with access to presentation facilities, refreshments, and seating for 60 delegates.

For the past 18 months OakLP has been working with the council to ensure effective SEND outcomes for all learners in Bury.

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Oak Learning Partnership coordinates the school SENCo network across the borough.

It also works to ensure its offer to SENCos ensures schools have access to health professionals including speech and language, occupational therapy, specialist teachers, educational psychology service and CAMHS.

SENCos are given the opportunity to attend solution circles termly at the trust to develop knowledge of appropriate assessments and interventions to support schools in their graduated approach.

Head of outreach Nicola Pemberton said: “What a great year, one that has given us growing opportunity to further work together to foster our trust’s belief that inclusion is at the heart of everything that we do."

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Earlier this year, it was announced that two new SEND schools will open in Bury to help ease demand for places at existing schools in the borough.

It is understood that one of the schools will be called Redvales High School and will be part of Oak Learning Partnership, which runs several others in the area.

Another school, planned for Radcliffe, has 80 proposed places for children aged four to 11, with a potential specialisation in autistic spectrum disorder, speech, language, and communication needs.

Oak Learning Partnership CEO James Franklin-Smith added: “Inclusion is at the heart of our trust and part of our vision is to support schools, the local authority and wider schools to be the best they can be around inclusive practice.

"Our outreach service is at the centre of this goal."

If you want any information regarding rental of the space, then get in touch by emailing outreach@oaklp.co.uk.