A borough barber is injecting a bit of history to meet modern demands.

Jay Glover, who owns the Emporia Male Grooming shops in Unsworth and Prestwich, has started offering Vitamin B12 injections to customers, alongside the more conventional haircuts and shaves.

“Some beauty salons do it, but as far as I know I’m the only barber in the area who offers the service,” he said.

It was during a bout of ill health that Jay researched the benefits of Vitamin B12 shots.

After undergoing treatment himself, and experiencing improved health, he decided to invest in training so that he could offer it to customers at his Parr Lane business, Emporia.

“In the Middle Ages, barbers were also surgeons because they possessed razors and were skilled at using them, said Jay.

"You could say, it’s come full circle.

“The red and white pole that can still be seen on the frontage of some barber shops is said to represent the blood and bandages associated with the historical role of the barber surgeon."

Barber Jay Glover at his shop, Emporia Male Grooming in UnsworthBarber Jay Glover at his shop, Emporia Male Grooming in Unsworth (Image: Neil Brandwood)

Five centuries later, there is thankfully no need for bandages, and only a spot of blood, after Jay injects the vitamin into customers’ upper arms.

“Traditionally, for men, a trip to the barber simply involved a quick short back and sides,” said Jay, who also has premises in Prestwich.

“However, in recent times, men have started to take their appearance and health a lot more seriously.”

He explained that Vitamin B12 can improve brain function, mental health, focus and concentration, energy levels, hair and skin quality, muscle production, sleep and help maintain bone marrow density.

Obviously, it is sensible to consult your doctor before starting a three-monthly course of injections.

Jay GloverJay Glover (Image: Neil Brandwood)

Jay is keen to develop his business further and he is also qualified to administer Botox.

He said: “In the longer-term I’m going to look into micro pigmentation for customers who are suffering hair loss.

“When I started out as a barber, I never dreamed the sector would develop in this way.

"I think an increasing number of barbers will follow suit, because an increasing number of men are keen to look after their heath and appearance.”