A restaurant with a quirky style has closed its doors for the final time.

Karen’s Diner in Prestwich has shut and the business said it will be concentrating on running pop-up events in the UK rather than restaurants from now on.

The chain started in Australia and had the interesting approach of its staff being purposely rude to customers as well as shouting and making fun of them.

The Bury New Road eaterie first opened its doors in 2022 and the building was seen listed on Rightmove just a few months ago, which prompted questions about its future.

Branches in Australia were closed with short notice last year, although around three branches in the country remain open.

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The Prestwich chain has welcomed some famous faces over the years, since it opened, including Anthony Cotton, Katie Hopkins and Davina McCall.

A spokesperson for the branch said: “The Karen's Manchester restaurant has now shut its doors and you might well ask whether or not it’s 'for good?'

“As it stands the initial licence agreement has come to an end and our head office wants the UK operation to concentrate on 'pop up' events rather than restaurants. In the current climate reluctantly, we can understand their decision.

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“When the business opened in Prestwich, critics said that it was 'far too far out the way' and we want to thank the 100,000+ customers that have proved them wrong.

“The group is undergoing a reconstruction which will see the brand appearing in its pop-up form all over Britain.

“We are currently working on finding a new home to honour our Manchester bookings and our admin team look to inform everyone of the next steps at the earliest possible opportunity.”

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