Peel Tower in Holcombe has spectacular views overlooking Greater Manchester, and one of the best ways of experiencing the soaring vistas is by abseiling down the monumental landmark.

That’s exactly what fundraising supergran, Jane Skates, did for Bury Hospice back in 2018, and she encourages fellow supporters to do the same this year on Saturday, June 29.

It was never Jane’s intention to abseil 128ft down Peel Tower.

“It was a spur of the moment thing,” said Jane, who surprised herself with her impulsive decision to give it a go.

Jane’s family and friends were shocked by her fearlessness, but were encouraged to take on the abseil challenge as well.

Jane said: “I did it and I liked it, and I’ve done it twice since then.”

This year’s abseil is once again being delivered by Alternative Adventure and Outdoor Activities Services.

Anybody over 16 and in good health can do the abseil for the hospice provided they pay the £25 registration fee and pledge to raise a minimum of £175 to support our essential care services.

Jane was aged 82 back in 2018 when she did the abseil.

Now aged 88, Jane still stands as the oldest person to take on the the hospice abseil.

Although she’s no longer physically able to do the challenge, Jane recalls the exhilarating abseiling experience with fondness.

She said: “It's just a good experience; I was happy with it and wanted to do it again, so I did.”

Bury Hospice chief executive Helen LockwoodBury Hospice chief executive Helen Lockwood (Image: Bury Hospice)

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Hospice events fundraiser Dale Mulgrew said: “With just a week to go, we have hit our first target of recruiting 50 abseilers to take on the Peel Tower abseil for the hospice.

"However, we can still have more spaces available and we continue to look for intrepid adventurers to jump on board and take on this life-enhancing experience of a lifetime.

“The funds you’ll raise will go a very long way in supporting many local patients in need of specialised palliative and end-of-life care.”

To register for the event visit

If you would like to make a donation in support of the hospice, visit