A supermarket has responded after complaints from customers about incorrect pricing on their handheld scanners.

Customers at the Asda store in Accrington took to social media to highlight the price differences for certain items, in terms of what was on the shelf label and the Scan & Go devices.

From the examples shared, only one resulted in a saving, as the price on the scanner was cheaper than on the shelf.

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One customer said: “Their pricing labels are constantly wrong and it’s a joke.

“I only noticed because I was using the self-scan. If you went through the normal tills and then realised you’ve got to go and see customer services and wait while they check.

“I only got a handful of items and for this many to be wrong is ridiculous.”

Price differences were as big as £1.50 on some singular items.

While other customers pointed out that the prices corrected themselves at the till once the entire shop was scanned, they also said that was not the point and that prices should be correct across the board.

One person said: “I disputed a similar issue with the staff at the self-checkout. They said it does come off at the till but it’s not the point…”

Another said they had pointed the problem out to management at the store “months ago.”

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Asda has now issued a response to the matter, saying customers should check the correct prices with staff.

A spokesperson said: “The process of price changes means that shelf edge labels should be changed at the same time as they are updated on Scan & Go.

“If an item scans at a different price as to that shown on the shelf edge label, the customer should alert a colleague who will be able to confirm the correct price to be paid.”