Sites across Radcliffe are being considered for a temporary library as the clock ticks towards the current building closing in three months.

The present library is to be converted into a £1.7m Enterprise Centre with work set to start in September.

The space will provide a range of private offices and bookable hot desks for up to 100 occupiers and will be managed by a third-party operator.

Ultimately Radcliffe library will be housed within the new civic hub building currently being built close to the town’s market building.

However, that project is not due to be completed until spring 2026 so there will be a near two-year gap when the council has said it wishes to provide a temporary library.

Keeping the service within the present building during conversion has been ruled out due to health and safety issues.

Bury Council said they aim to keep provision within the Radcliffe area at an accessible site but various options have been considered and ruled out.

They included the ROC Centre which was deemed "too far out of town centre" and in the market hall but no suitable units were available.

Shop units including the former regeneration office were said to be "not suitable, not big enough or lack compliance and accessibility".

At Bury Council’s June cabinet meeting, Radcliffe First member Carol Birchmore, said: “I’ve got concerns over the library provision.

“It’s massively important in Radcliffe, it’s a very well used building.

“It’s says construction will start in September this year so it’s not very far off.

“We’ve been through something similar with the leisure centre where we kept getting told there would be a temporary building found. “When it came to it we were told just before it closed that there would be no temporary building.

“I’m not confident you are going to find a suitable modular building and we really need reassurance that the library is not going to close for any length of time because that would be an absolute disaster.” Replying, council leader Eammon O’Brien, said: “It is absolutely our intention to find a suitable temporary building

“Modular buildings is only one area we’re looking at. We’re looking at potential relocation sites.

“We don’t want to see library provision closed for any length of time.”

Paul Lakin, Bury’s executive director of place told the meeting "we have not yet found an ideal solution but units are being looked at".