Bury Police  ‘had a busy day’ after seizing multiple vehicles and conducting a stop and search operation in the search for drugs yesterday (Thursday, June 20).

The force said the Bury town centre and Whitefield neighbourhood teams seized two off-road bikes and a car, a white ‘Seat’, for having no insurance.

A spokesman said: “It’s no secret that off-road bikes are a constant problem within our communities, in order to get ahead of the curve and tackle the problem head-on we need your help!

“You can report the location where these bikes are used, stored or seen anonymously via crimestoppers or by calling 101.

“If you have CCTV footage or pictures of those using these bikes in an antisocial manner you can also send these to burynorth@gmp.police.uk which will be passed on to the neighbourhood team that cover the specific area.”

Two off-road bikes were seized by policeTwo off-road bikes were seized by police (Image: GMP)

The force added that the email address is not monitored 24/7, so 999 should still be called in emergencies.

Driving without insurance can land offenders with an unlimited fine and a driving ban, as well as up to eight penalty points on their licence.

When vehicles are seized, those looking to reclaim them have 14 days to prove satisfactory ownership and to provide legitimate insurance at a police station, or their vehicle will be disposed of, according to GMP.

Bury Police said they needed help to tackle the problem of off-road bikesBury Police said they needed help to tackle the problem of off-road bikes (Image: GMP)

Vehicles can be scrapped or sold at auction.

When vehicles are sold at auction, drivers may be entitled to claim the proceeds of the sale if they can prove legitimate and satisfactory ownership within 12 months.

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