Two farming sisters have seen their livelihood damaged by yobs who deliberately rolled valuable hay bales into a lodge.

Sisters Alicia and Ebonie Brown discovered the destruction on Wednesday evening when they checked the land at Meadowcroft Farm in Ainsworth where they graze sheep and cattle.

“After milking, I went up there and saw the three bales in the water,” said Alicia, 23.

“I was so angry and upset.

“The bales cost at least £60 each, and with the cost-of-living crisis, every penny counts for us.”

A dog walker saw a group of youths committing the damage at around 5pm, and reported the incident to the police.

Alicia, who comes from a farming family that has its own small farm in Ramsbottom, explained that the damage could not have come at a more significant time.


(Image: UGC)


“Baling is dependent on weather conditions. The hot and dry weather of the last two weeks meant the hay was thoroughly dried out and it was the perfect time to do the baling.

“We’ve been working non-stop, and we were on top of it, but then someone comes along and ruins it. It made me feel upset to see all our hard work in the water.”

Ebonie, 18, added: “It’s not as if it was an accident. They saw the bales and the hill, and deliberately rolled them into the lodge.

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“The bales were heavy and so it would have taken effort to do what they did.

“It’s our livelihood. We needed that hay to feed our cows and sheep in winter.

“People and animals could have been seriously injured – or even killed – if the bales had rolled on them. We’d have probably then be held responsible.”

The sisters are now counting the cost and awaiting to hear from the police.

“Parents need to educate their children on the impact of their actions,” said Alicia. “They need to understand how something like this can badly affect the livelihoods of others.”