Labour's Christian Wakeford has shared his pride after holding onto his Bury South seat.

He was one of nine candidates in the constituency and managed to retain the seat with 19,247, more than 9,000 clear of Conservative runner-up Arnie Saunders (9,886 votes).

Finishing in third was Jeff Armstrong for Reform UK who gained 6,865 votes.

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Speaking to the Bury Times after winning the seat, Mr Wakeford said: “I feel humbled and proud, there were unique circumstances around this election for me and the other constituents, but if anything, it just shows that this is a vote that was made two and a half years ago.

“I’m incredibly proud to have got through it.

“James Frith and I have been speaking a lot already about what we can do as we will be sharing Radcliffe due to boundary changes.

“I think there will be a lot of work together not just in Radcliffe but across the entire borough.”

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In his speech after the results were announced, Mr Wakeford mentioned that he is proud to represent the ward, which now includes Kersal and Broughton Park after the boundary changes moved these places into Bury South and out of Salford.

He also said he is excited to see the regeneration of Radcliffe and Prestwich and the two new SEND schools and new high school that will be built in Radcliffe.

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Mr Wakeford thanked voters for putting their trust in him.

He said: “I will do everything in my power to deliver the change that you voted for and to repay the trust that you have placed in me today.”

The other candidates' results in Bury South were Michael Welton of the Green Party who polled 2,715, Andrew Page for the Liberal Democrats, who received 1,796 votes, Sameera Ashraf for the Workers Party received 1,023, Michael Elston, an independent candidate, received 277, Stephen Morris for the English Democrats received 224 and Dan Ross for the Communist Party of Britain received 181.