Despite only being 26, Codi Sheldon, a talented chef and businesswoman from Radcliffe, is about to enter the next phase of her remarkable career.

Having launched Codi’s Kitchen on Heywood Road, Prestwich, two years ago, her passion for cooking has become such a success that she's moving to larger premises this October.

But fans of her food need not worry, for the the Heywood Road restaurant will remain open until the move.

Codi’s Kitchen specialises in Pan-Asian cuisine and sushi, and is the only place in Prestwich to do so.

Codi SheldonCodi Sheldon

Growing up in a family where cooking was at the heart of things, Codi’s love for the culinary arts was ignited by her grandparents and inspired her to start cooking at the tender age of 12.

“My grandparents are the most amazing cooks. Every Tuesday, I’d go to my grandma’s house and we’d cook. My grandpa makes his own fantastic curry on Friday nights, but I’ve still not mastered that,” she laughed.

First-time customers Mario and Olivia, who had been impressed by the excellent reviews, said: The crispy Korean beef alone is enough to bring us back again.First-time customers Mario and Olivia, who had been impressed by the excellent reviews, said: The crispy Korean beef alone is enough to bring us back again.

Codi’s formal culinary journey began after she left King David’s High School. She studied catering at Bury College and gained valuable experience as a chef in Guernsey.

Her independence and determination were evident early on, and by 19, she was working at a top restaurant in Manchester.

“I got a missed call from them just before my birthday. I thought my mum had booked me a table for my birthday, but when I phoned back it was the head chef inviting me for an interview, and I got the job,” she said.

During the Covid lockdown, Codi turned her parents’ kitchen into a bustling hub of activity, teaming up with her grandpa, Barry, to deliver meals across Greater Manchester.

Although still relatively young, her resilience, determination and dedication enabled her to build a loyal and highly appreciative customer base, delivering through platforms like Just Eat and Uber Eats.

The new premises, at the former Nonna's restaurant on Bury New Road, will offer more space, better facilities, and a license to serve alcohol – currently, customers are invited to bring their own alcohol.

“When we make the move, I’ll be making some exciting changes to the menu. I want to elevate it, with more small plates so customers can sample everything,” Codi explained.

Despite the expansion, the core values of Codi’s Kitchen remain unchanged.

"The prime focus is to give people a good dining experience,” she said.

The relaxed atmosphere will continue, with no dress code and a welcoming environment for all, including dogs.

Codi’s dedication to her craft is evident in her work ethic.

“I love 16-hour shifts which I know sounds weird but I absolutely love it. Even on my day off, I’m here all day,” she admitted.

Her hands-on approach and friendliness have endeared her to the local community.

“I sometimes chat so much to the customers that I forget I’ve got work to do,” she laughingly confessed.

With her sister Dayna as part of the eight-strong team, and a passion that has only grown stronger over the years, Codi is set to make an even bigger mark on the culinary map.

As she looks to the future, she is already planning to expand her brand even further, with potential locations in Alderley Edge, Liverpool, and Leeds.

Codi concedes that the sector she works in is one of the toughest, especially as we are all still reeling from the cost-of-living crisis.

But with such a strong worth ethic and a pride in helping to make Prestwich a gastronomical destination, this hugely likeable 26-year-old deserves all the support she can get from the local community.

Codi’s Kitchen will continue to operate from Heywood Road until the move in October, ensuring that her loyal customers won’t be denied their favourite meals.

Opening times are from 5 to 10pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and from 12 to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.