TOWN Hall bosses promise that services will not be cut if the congestion charge fails to bring in enough money.

Campaigners for a ‘No’ vote raised fears that councils like Bury will have to pick up the tab if the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) scheme overshoots its budget.

The Government says its £1.5 billion grant towards the scheme is capped, and any further costs have to be met by the ten Greater Manchester councils.

Prestwich resident Geoffrey Berg, a prominent ‘No’ campaigner, said the TIF’s backers should explain the risks, in the same way that a bank warns its customers that they might lose their home if they cannot keep up mortgage repayments.

“They should come clean about it in their literature and advertisements and stop attempting to hide this from the voters in the forthcoming referendum.”

However, Councillor Bob Bibby, leader of Bury Council, said: “GMPTE (Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive) assure me that they have developed a robust funding package which is both cautious and affordable, while providing sufficient contingencies and assurance to ensure that both GMPTE and local authorities can afford the levels of debt.

“I am satisfied at this time that GMPTE’s detailed work and continued monitoring of the financial situation will ensure that there is no overspend which has to been passed on to council taxpayers.”