BURY Grammar Schools have visited a top American university for an historic induction ceremony.

School staff joined visitors from around the world at Harvard University for the inauguration of the Henry Dunster society.

The special occasion celebrated Lancashire man and former Bury Grammar School headmaster Henry Dunster, who was the first president of the prestigious university.

Dunster was baptised at Bury Parish Church where he later served as curate.

He travelled to America in 1640 where he had a lasting influence on the university.

Francine Healey, school development officer said: “Henry’s experiences in running a Lancashire grammar school were put to good use at Harvard, indeed we may claim that Bury Grammar School is part of the rock from which Harvard was hewn.”

“There is no doubt that the inauguration of the society was a huge success and as we move towards the 400th anniversary of Dunster’s birth next year it is expected that links between our two countries will strengthen.”

Bury Grammar Schools were represented by Derek Calrow, from the development committee, Bobby Georghiou, headmistress of the girls’ school and Francine Healey.

The reunion group enjoyed a weekend of celebrations including a rare peek at historic Dunster artefacts.