THE Bury first team entertained Bolton III, expecting an easy ride, but although Jim Litherland gave the home side an early lead, a lot of hard work was needed before Roy Wild won another point.

Keith Evans could only draw, and the visitors were still holding on. At last two more points came from Anthony Lee and Bernard Sharples to give a winning margin, and at the end of the evening Roger Howley and Mick Norris also forced wins to make the score convincing.

BURY 6.5 v BOLTON III 0.5 MJ Norris 1, R Middleton 0; RW Howley 1, J Clissold 0; A Lee 1, R Fox 0; R Wild 1, I Lamb 0; B Sharples 1, P Clinton 0; K Evans 0.5, M Houlston 0.5; J Litherland 1, H Swift 0.