I AM writing about Radcliffe’s main garden area looked at from three busy roads, it’s a disgrace.

Every November leaf clearance stops but the trees still drop leaves into December and the lawns are still covered today. The grass will die and more patches of soil are to be seen. It’s about time the council got its act together.

Tree stumps from two years ago are still on the railway grassed area (Is this modern art?). My hopes were raised when the old wall in need of repair was taken down and soil brought in, combed out, ready for seed but the stumps were still left. Unbelievably I have noticed in early January that most small grassed areas around Bury have been cleaned up and gardens around the Town Hall are spotless — always look after number one.

Whoever is running the department? I nominate this post for a pay cut. It’s common sense that you look after the prime sites first and then the minor ones. I could go on but these are just the basics.

S N Williams (City & Guilds and Silver Gilt winner, Landscape gardener and design, 25 years) Radcliffe