I NOTE with interest a further letter from R D Calrow of Bromley Cross in the Bury Times, January 29. I also note the comments made by the Fishpool resident who is benefiting from the parking restrictions imposed in the area to the north of Parkhills Road.

Mr Calrow again seeks to explain the dire prospects for Bury FC if street parking is restricted to resident only between Parkhills Road and/including Gigg Lane.

Come on Mr Calrow — real spectators will get to the ground even if it involves a 10 to 15 minute walk.

Mr Calrow is obviously not aware of the efforts made by Bury FC to provide off-road and secure parking facilities for as little as £3 for spectators at the ground itself and at the end of Nelson Street on St Luke’s car park.

Coupled with various pay and display car parks to the south of the town centre — some 10 minutes walk from the ground — surely enough parking spaces are provided for the 2,000-or-so supporters? There’s even more space a short walk away at Goshen or Pilsworth for the younger/fitter supporter!

We, as residents, are plagued not only on Bury FC match days but also every alternate Saturday with the parking for FC United games, plus occasional night matches, so we have the inconvenience every Saturday when it is quite possible for supporters to park away from the area and walk to the match, rather than park their cars all around our area, Redvales and Radcliffe Road.

On a point of emergency access being required, the thoughtless and indiscriminate parking in the back streets around Gigg Lane is utterly appalling and I believe it is now time for all local residents to contact Bury Council at Craig House or their local councillor to progress resident parking and on-street restrictions in the area.

This is not an attempt to stop people supporting their local football team, merely making them appreciate that we, as residents, have to put up with disruption every weekend.

Chris J Reed Gigg Lane resident