DEAR Mr Sanders, Bob Bibby and others not in the know.

I write with reference to your recent shambles of the pay and grading review within Bury Council as you obviously don’t know what has been happening under your nose.

I have read the recent press release from yourself about the minority losing around £1,900 per annum.

I am unfortunately one of those losing around £6,000 per year. I, as well as many others, am losing even more, as myself and my wife are both working for the council.

I love my job and play an important part in the infrastructure in place for protecting the children and people of the borough, but have alas been identified as an unimportant person due to certain “buzz words” being omitted from my job description. I am now in the position where I have no alternative but to move on, which some have already decided to do. Can you explain to me where the fairness is in having to tell my children the following?

1. We have to sell up within the next 12 months as daddy and mummy will soon be unable to pay the mortgage due to Bury Council’s pay and grading review.

2. Daddy and mummy will no longer be able to afford any family holidays from next year due to Bury Council’s pay and grading review.

As a council tax payer who has worked since leaving school, I feel that the flawed process of pay and grading is not equal. Some people’s salary has even stayed the same because of who they are and let’s not even get started on anyone earning more than £45,000 being exempt.

Even the workers given a rise on their basic wage are having it cut by reducing the Sunday overtime rate from double time to time and a half. Not everyone works office hours!

I know I speak for many others in the same situation. As far as I am concerned this is legalised constructive dismissal. Thank goodness Unison is there to help.

Name and address supplied