OH dear, I seem to have rattled a few cages down at the legal department of the town hall. Some people indeed do appear to have their briefs in a twist.

A cursory scan of the evidence against me, which has been presented by “A Close Friend”, would not appear to stand up to scrutiny.

I did not say that all the legal department was complicit in the decision regarding the threatening letters sent to council employees. By using phrases in the letter such as “most members”, “few exceptions”, “a significant number”, this merely confirms what most of us suspected. Also, this language sounds to me like politician-speak.

Furthermore, this still begs the question: Who advised Cllr Bibby in the matter?

Was it independent i.e. non-council employee advice? Or, as is implied, advice by people who were unaffected by the review, who are council employees?

More to the point, how many of these employees advising cleared the magical £45,000 a year hurdle, which exempted them from the dreaded review?

It would appear, at least in the legal department, there are two camps — those unaffected and those who were.

As I said, as an exercise in morale-building, it has been a disaster.

Perhaps “A Close Friend” might realise, after their letter, that they now have fewer people they can call “friends” in their own department.

Up the Workers!