THE BBC claims that to broadcast an appeal for humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza risks its reputation for impartiality.

People continue to die. Whole towns have been flattened by the Israeli bombardment, producing devastation usually associated with earthquakes.

To put the reputation of the brand of the BBC before the need of the dying is beyond belief.

By the time this letter is printed, I hope the BBC has reversed its decision, If Mark Thompson is unable to organise the presentation of an appeal for aid so we are all clear it is not part of the BBC coverage, he should resign.

The other reason given was that aid might “fall into the hands of Hamas”. My goodness — the BBC believes its own propaganda. Hamas is, after all, only the democratically elected government!

I hope all who are moved by the plight of the Palestinians will give generously to aid charities.

Penny Hicks Bury Stop the War Coalition