What an opportunity missed.

The billiard-table smooth new surface on Walmersley Road has been a joy to cycle on during the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately this experience has now been spoiled by the addition of some roughly applied green paint and a slippery white line right where a cyclist’s wheels will tend to run.

This makes the road worse for a cyclist, firstly because the poor surface conditions distract the cyclist from concentrating on other hazards, and secondly because it sets an expectation in motorised road users that the cyclist is protected by the white line, and therefore they can overtake without taking the cyclist’s position into account.

Do those responsible for creating these cycle lanes actually consult real cyclists?

Have any of them ever ridden a bike on the road?

I would be happy to meet with the highway engineers responsible for the worse-than-useless cycle provision to demonstrate exactly why these lanes are such a bad idea. If they need to borrow a bike to try it for themselves I will be pleased to oblige.

James Brooks Springside Road Bury