LIVES could be saved thanks to a new mobile phone application devised by a Tottington first-aider and her colleague.

Sarah Wood, of Pickering Close, and friend Clare Cox are both members of Radcliffe’s St John Ambulance division, and came up with the idea of a computer programme teaching first-aid in 2008.

They pitched the idea to Nintendo and Sony, but both firms declined to take it further.

However, technology giant Apple agreed to use their idea for a first aid “app” on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The St John Ambulance application was developed by Apple and is now available to buy for just £2.39.

Sarah said: “The idea came from a summer camp with St John Ambulance and everyone thought it was really good, so we decided to see how far we could take it.

“We’re really pleased the app has been made. It’s brilliant that Apple agreed to do it. They said it’s been very popular and was number two in the polls when it first came out.”

The application allows mobile phone users to access step-by-step first aid information at the touch of a button.

It covers everything from life-saving techniques such as CPR to basics like wrapping bandage around a sprain.

Sarah, aged 36, said: “Some people don’t know much first- aid, but anyone can use the app to find out what to do. There are treatments for all kinds of ailments on the app.

“I would encourage everyone to download the app. It could prove to be a real life-saver.”

Having enjoyed success with their first idea, Sarah and Clare, who lives in Swinton, are now looking to the future.

“We’re already thinking of other ways to make St John Ambulance more interactive,” said Sarah.