A COLOURFUL singer who was once dubbed “the world’s worst busker” has died after losing a short battle with cancer.

Michael Hogg, who grew up in Banbury Street, Tonge Moor, was well known in Glastonbury and Bath for his terrible singing and guitar playing under the name Mushroom Mick.

His voice was described by one Glastonbury news reporter as “nasal, tuneless warbling”.

Now his sister, Julie Prescott, who lives in Molyneux Road, Westhoughton, has lit a Christmas star in her garden in memory of her brother.

Mr Hogg had been suffering from a cough for about a year, but thought nothing of it until a couple of months ago when he started to feel ill.

He went to a see a doctor, who quickly diagnosed him with lung cancer and told him he had six months to live.

Mr Hogg died only a few weeks later, on December 4, aged 55.

Ms Prescott, aged 53, only found out on November 20 that he was ill, and he died on the day she was travelling down south to see him.

She said: “It was a shock to all of us. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye.”

Mr Hogg lived in Bolton until he was 19, and used to busk in Deansgate and Bradshawgate.

He moved down south to “follow his dreams” and hoped to make it rich as a musician, but sadly died penniless.

He was voted the world’s worst busker in a national newspaper poll after being told that he was scaring tourists away from Bath with his city centre busking.

Miss Prescott, who lovingly described her brother as “an overgrown hippy”, said: “I don’t think he was the world’s worst busker - I’ve heard much worse on the X Factor.

“He wasn’t good, but he wasn’t bad either. I must admit I can’t sing myself though, so I’m not one to criticise.