VIRIDOR has acquired the Bury-based recycling and waste management operator Adapt Recycling Ltd.

The move is in line with Viridor’s parent company, Pennon Group’s, stated strategy of expanding its waste management activities, particularly in the areas of recycling, waste treatment and disposal.

Adapt Recycling, located at the Warth Road Industrial Park, processes comingled recyclate which primarily comprises plastics, cans and glass.

It also bales some mixed paper grades.

The firm employs 20 people and handles 25,000 tonnes of material a year.

Viridor has complementary recycling, transport and disposal assets in the operating areas.

The operations will be integrated into Viridor’s Northern region and will trade as Viridor Waste (Adapt) Ltd.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mark Burrows Smith, director of Viridor North, said: “The UK’s waste strategies are demanding ever-increasing levels of recycling to meet waste targets.

“The Greater Manchester region is a key operational area in Viridor’s business and the acquisition of Adapt Recycling in Bury will strengthen our position as a leading operator in the region.

“It is a positive step forward in expanding business in the key recycling areas and we look forward to welcoming and working with our new colleagues.”

The acquisition will further strengthen Viridor’s position as a leading supplier of recyclate volumes.

Adapt Recycling has been based in Bury for three years.

Owner Simon Jones said: “I am delighted that Viridor have been able to secure the acquisition of Adapt.

“This is good news for employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders in the business.”