Last week I took a look around all the charity shops we have in Bury and I was amazed by the prices!

£4.50 for second hand Asda, Tesco, Primark etc garments, rails so full of these that you couldn’t move the hangers to take a good look.

When it came to any higher class labels the prices were extortionate. Similar garments can be found on car boot sales for a fraction of the price. Handbags around £5 and not even leather and don’t get me started on the shoes!

What are they thinking? I realise it is for charity but people need second hand items for financial reasons too. If they priced these garments reasonably, they would sell more. They need turnover, which will increase profit, without a decent turnover their profits will be very low.

Stop the greed and use some common sense. Take a look in Bolton Hospice charity shops, they know how to price items.

Karen Boyle Radcliffe