LAST week's winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw, walking away with the cash prize was Sharon Hall, from Bury Council, with ticket number 20450.

Bury Council is currently working from home so the Made in Bury team went with the Winning Call to surprise Sharon with the news.

When Phil called Sharon she wasn't quite sure why he would be ringing her on a Wednesday, and with some prompting from Phil she questioned: 'I've not won something have I?'

When told she was in fact the week's £2,000 winner, she thought it was a wind-up. After assuring her that this was the real deal and that she really had won, Sharon was absolutely delighted with the news.

When asked what the money will be being spent on, Sharon gave a definite answer of "on Christmas". What great timing to win the money at this time of the year!

Sharon works in the Live Well Team and spends her days helping people to live healthier lives.

She has been working for Bury Council for six years but has actually been in her role for 36 years in total, as it was originally with the NHS before it moved over to be part of the Lifestyle Service at Bury Council.