John Cleese has told Good Morning Britain (GMB) presenter Ed Balls to "shut up" live on air in what viewers have described as a "cringeworthily awful" exchange. 

The Fawlty Towers actor was on GMB this morning to talk about his new 10-part show on GB News - The Dinosaur Hour which is det to debut on October 29.

He also talked about how he and his daughter Camilla are working on a Fawlty Towers reboot. 

But during questioning about his GB News show Cleese and Balls shared an awkward exchange after the GMB presenter kept attempting to talk over the top of the Monty Python comedian.

John Cleese tells GMB presenter Ed Balls to "shut up"

Cleese was talking to Balls and fellow GMB presenter Susanna Reid about his upcoming GB News show which the Fawlty Towers actor said he accepted after "they made me the best offer anyone has ever made anyone in television".

Ed Balls then cut him off saying: "You're the only person joining them rather than leaving them at the moment."

Cleese began answering the question: "Well they're clearing out a certain amount which isn't a bad idea because they do believe in free speech, they've never had..."

Before Balls interrupted again attempting to ask another question. 

This clearly frustrated Cleese who before Balls could ask the question said: "Will you shut up."

Balls and Cleese both laughed, before Reid jumped in in an attempt to defuse the awkward situation. 

Siding with Cleese, she said: "Yeah, you're asking the question then talking over the answer."

Cleese said he didn't know which question Balls wanted him to answer. 

But the awkwardness didn't stop there. Balls went on to add: "It's what us interviewers do, you'll find out."

To which Cleese responded: "I know, I've done quite a few."

"That's why I don't watch" GMB - viewers comment on "cringeworthily awful" exchange

Fans took to social media following the awkward exchange between Cleese and Balls describing it as "cringeworthily awful".

One person, commenting on the GMB clip on X (formerly Twitter), said: "That's why I don't watch it when Ed Balls and Susannah Reid talk all over the guests.

"How rude Ed Balls was to be told to shut up by John Cleese. GOOD ON HIM LEGEND."

Another added: "Oh God it's going to be every bit as cringeworthily awful as you expect isn't it, with a big dollop of sour grapes on top."

A third person commented: ''Will you shut up!! '' something i have always wanted to say to ed (two laughing emojis) lol."