Halloween can be a fun time for children and big kids alike, with trick-or-treating and spooky activities galore.

Trick or treating is more for children, it lets them travel around their local area dressed up in their scariest outfits awaiting to get a sweet treat or be left tricked.

Every year at Halloween the conversation on how old is too old to go trick or treating is a large conversation for guardians and parents.

To save you from hunting around looking for answers, we've done it for you and got some advice on trick-or-treating ages.

What is the age limit for trick or treating?

In the UK there is no legal age limit to trick or treating meaning that anyone of any age can take part in the Halloween activity.

However, it is important to know that for any child aged under 16 who is involved with anti-social behaviour and alone trick or treating, parents will be liable to pay any potential fines. 

Bury Times: Are you going trick or treating?Are you going trick or treating? (Image: Canva)

What age can children trick or treat without adult supervision?

As children get older and become more streetwise, parents and guardians might feel more prepared to let them take on trick-or-treating themselves.

Whilst it is down to the individual adult to decide what age is old enough, an expert has shared their advice.

According to Made for Mums, Educational psychologist Naomi Burgess shares that any child under 12 years old should be accompanied by an adult at Halloween.