Viewers of Doctor Who on BBC One were left emotional as the show made a sweet tribute to the late Bernard Cribbins.

The late Cribbins died in July 2022 and starred on Doctor Who as Grandad Wilf to Cathrine Tate’s Donna Noble.

The special 60th-anniversary return of the sci-fi show has seen fan favourite David Tennant return alongside Tate.

Whilst Tate’s Noble has no memory of the Doctor, during a conversation between the pair, the Doctor asked how Wilf, Cribbins, was.

In a touching moment on the show, Tennant's Doctor shared that he “loved that man” after Tate shared that her fictional grandad was “No longer with the family”.

Thinking Wilf had died, the Doctor began to reflect, before the Noble family revealed that Grandad Wilf had not died but moved to a residential home as he could no longer “get up the stairs”.

Viewers of Doctor Who were quick to share their thoughts on the sweet moment as one X, formally Twitter, user wrote “We all loved him!”

Doctor Who fans emotional as David Tennant and Catherine Tate return

Following their return, fans of Doctor Who have taken to X to share their thoughts on the show as some share it's been an emotional moment with Tennant and Tate back.

Sharing their thoughts, one Doctor Who fan said: “I’ve missed Catherine and David together.”

As another shared this is the first time they have been this excited for TV since 2009, writing: “I haven't been this excited for #DoctorWho since 2009. I am SEATED.”

One praised Doctor Who's return, saying: “This is the Doctor Who I remembered!”

Whilst others were happy with Tate’s and Tennant’s return, some asked for other past cast members to return, sharing: “Great to see the best Doctor back, but where’s Rose Tyler?.”

Doctor Who airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.