Deal of No Deal viewers were left "speechless" from tonight's episode on ITV.

Deal or No Deal officially returned on ITV 1 and ITVX on 20 November after a long period off the air when Noel Edmonds hosted the beloved show on Channel 4.

The show is known for its intense drama due to the fact it can make or break a person's life. Tonight had plenty of drama.

Chaniece from Birmingham seemed resolute throughout her game and looked sure to go the whole way, no dealing the banker several times for multiple thousands.

Eventually, however, she dealt at £9,750 and then had a great run of blues, to her great sadness. "I knew I shouldn't have dealt, I knew it".

After a quickfire round of unveiling the boxes, the blues simply kept on coming and her final offer was £57,000 for her box number 6.

"This 10 grand has freed me from the shackles of 9-5", she said, referencing the money that will help her develop her business going forward.

Could she have been the first winner of the 100K? 

Well, when Stephen Mulhern lifted the lid and it was £100,000.

"I'm fuming, I'm fuming", she said.

And quite rightly, Chaniece could've been the first big winner of the newest series.

Not only have ITV brought back Big Brother, BBC bosses are reviving 90s gameshow Gladiators, and now popular quiz show Deal or No Deal is set to make an emphatic comeback with a new host.