Have you ever worried about your car being stolen? Whether it’s parked on your driveway or a little way from your house, the anxiety of having someone try to steal it is something you’ve likely felt at some point.

You might be wondering how to prevent your car being stolen or targeted and if you are, you’re in luck as a former police interceptor and traffic officer has shared some tips to help you out.

Dash cam firm Nextbase has partnered with Ben Pearson to help motorists avoid becoming one of the 100,000+ victims of car theft each year.

Nextbase reports that figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in 2023, there were an estimated 130,270 cars stolen in England and Wales alone.

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This comes as data from a Nextbase dash cams Freedom of Information request indicates that the charge rate for vehicle thefts across the UK steadily declined throughout the year, from 2.8% in July of 2022 to 1.43% in June of 2023.

6 tips to help prevent your car from being stolen

Ben Pearson, Nextbase Police Advisor and a former Police Interceptor, said: “You don't need to make your car the hardest car to steal in the world - just the hardest one to steal on your street.

“Today's thieves are often sophisticated and well-practiced but if there is an easier target around they are much more likely to try their luck with that vehicle instead.”

Ben Pearson hopes his tips help motorists prevent their cars being stolenBen Pearson hopes his tips help motorists prevent their cars being stolen (Image: Nextbase)

Do the basics

Although it sounds “obvious” and perhaps “patronising”, Ben advises all motorists to make sure they never leave their car unlocked and unattended.

He added: “It happens often in the winter when you defrost your car and leave it running, but similarly, leaving your car and keeping the air conditioning on, or for any other reason, opens the door for all sorts of opportunistic criminals.”

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Go back in time

Ben suggests that “one of the best ways to make your car harder to steal - and crucially, look harder to steal - is a wheel lock.”

He says you can add an extra layer of protection and buy one for around £50. He added that a wheel lock can help protect your car if a thief has got into your car through modern keyless theft.

It also gives you more time to hear an alarm or notice their presence.

He adds: “A professional criminal can get through a wheel lock with an angle grinder, but that extra time and noise may put them off.”

Think smart

Ben explains: “Today's smart Dash Cams can do a lot more than just record a crash when you're driving. In fact, some can even alert you if your car is approached or broken into when you're not around.

“Connecting with your phone could allow you to scare off a would-be thief from afar, offering another layer of protection.”

Out of sight, out of mind

Ben also urges motorists to use off-street and garage parking if they have access to it.

He said: “While not everyone has the luxury of off-street or garage parking, if you do, make sure you take advantage of it.

“I can think of dozens of examples of cars stolen from in front of houses where the garage is full of useless junk, leaving what is often the second most expensive asset of the household exposed. Clear it out!”

Keep off social media

Motorists should avoid putting their cars on social media – here’s why.

Ben said: “Social media can be a useful tool to let people know your car has been stolen, but before that point, keep your car off your profile. Far too many people post pictures of their car and registration on Facebook or Instagram with their profiles unlocked.

“Vehicles can be easily traced this way and it’s not hard to find the vehicle's location when people tag locations on pictures. Don’t make it easy for thieves to make your car a target.”

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Shout about it

Ben added that letting thieves know you’ve taken precautions to avoid your car being stolen can be a good way to put them off.

He said: “While all of these steps will make your car harder to steal, one of the best things you can do is make sure that any prospective thief knows you have taken precautions to stop them. The more obvious you can make it, the better.

“Don't be afraid of window stickers, the big yellow wheel lock or anything that is going to make a thief think twice.”