The former Coronation Street star Thelma Barlow has revealed her answer on if she would ever return to the soap to film a cameo role.

The 95-year-old played the role of Mavis Wilton for 26 years between 1971 and 1997, featuring in more than 1,200 episodes.

She had recently come out of retirement to play a role in the short film Sleepless in Settle, which had its premiere on Saturday (June 29).

It was written and directed by actress Judy Flynn, with whom Barlow briefly appeared in the sitcom Dinnerladies.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today (Monday, July 1) with Judy to discuss the short film, Thelma described it as a "warm, loving, gentle and sweet story".

Presenters Susanna Reid and Ed Balls also asked her if she would ever consider returning to Coronation Street for a cameo role, especially with her friend Helen Worth (who plays Gail Platt) set to be leaving the soap soon.

Would Thelma Barlow ever return to Coronation Street?

Thelma shared that she wouldn't come back to Coronation Street as she would be "far too terrified" and that she enjoyed making the short film because it was among friends.

She said: "Well no, I would be far too terrified. I mean this [the short film] was among friends and I would be so frightened to do something that was commercial and in a big studio with everything going on.

"It would be the pressure of the work that would frighten me to death."

Thelma added there would be a lot of expectation, explaining: "The pressure on me, you know how important it is to get it absolutely perfect.

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"You know it was fine doing a film with friends because they'd forgive you immediately [if you made a mistake]."

However, Judy was quick to praise Thelma, saying that she never "dropped a line" during filming.

Thelma also revealed that Helen Worth came to the premiere of Sleepless in Settle at the weekend and they had a catch-up.