I ATTENDED a meeting of Bury Rural Inequalities Forum.

One of the items of business was a presentation on the work of Bury Volunteer Rangers from its, chairman Raff Tuccillo.

I met this amazing man and some of his fellow volunteer colleagues several years ago when my fellow group members and I helped on a couple of mornings working in Old Kay's Park, so am well aware of the difficult tasks they undertake.

It's physical work, in all weathers, all year round and not for the faint hearted.

It is even more impressive when we learn that all the volunteers are retired "seniors".

This team of Volunteer Rangers has for many years worked tirelessly all over our borough to improve many of our parks and rural public footpaths for our benefit and for free!

They have recently made big improvements to the gardens at Bury Hospice, too.

We truly owe these gents a big thank you for all their extremely hard graft, ongoing commitment and dedication.

They are certainly some of our town's unsung heroes.

Well done lads!

Cllr Yvonne Wright

Tottington Ward