WITH the car parked in Phoenix Street being given 11 parking tickets’, (Bury and Radcliffe Times, November 16), it should be identified as shameful, bordering on criminal.

Clearly, the car isn’t on a busy road and therefore doesn’t interfere with the flow of traffic, or present a danger to vulnerable road users — it doesn’t force prams and wheelchairs into the road. Neither does it cause bus and HGV companies to lose time and money.

When I complained about cars for sale parked on double yellow lines outside a second-hand car dealership because they forced cyclists into the middle of a busy road, I was told that, with so few enforcement officers, such problems were dealt with on a rotary system, and visited once every two months.

Phoenix Street is believed to have been visited 11 times in a few weeks.

One of the most annoying parking problems both for cyclists and drivers, has to be parking in the cycle lanes in Radcliffe Road/Bury Road, especially outside Derby High School.

Drivers transporting children have been endangering lives and stopping traffic there for some 20 years.

When people ride bicycles it’s invariably because they can’t afford to drive or use public transport.

Not unlike cycling in the Third World aids people in poverty, it does so in the UK.

Drivers also get away with murder at Fairfield General Hospital.

As I waited for a prescription, and said I’d have to come back because my parking ticket expired in five minutes, (if not for injuries caused by a careless driver, I’d have cycled), I was told I wouldn’t get a penalty ticket because the warden wasn’t on duty.

A wake-up call for Bury council, and high and mighty drivers, that park on footpaths/cycle lanes/roads, when they have a driveway?

If ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’, doesn’t it follow that, mighty problems, eg obesity, will grow from ignoring little infringements of the law?

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