Brexit deal or no deal?

You would think that our great country was begging the EU for a trade deal when it should be the other way round.

The EU benefits more from the trade with the UK by more than £80 billion per year.

So why is a free trade deal between the EU and UK not a foregone conclusion for the EU as it would be if they were business?

The EU was willing to do anything to achieve its aim of a United States of Europe no matter what the cost, but times are changing and so is the EU . The all-powerful German Merkel is under attack by other countries and want changes to how the EU is run and in its destination.

This means that the EU power brokers need to be able to show the other EU member countries that they are still in charge and one way is to extract vast sums of monies from the UK and make leaving the EU with or without a trade deal look like begging from the UK.

Chris Cunliffe