I READ with interest Ms Banks' letter about Angouleme, a copy of which, was sent to me in a Christmas card by an old girl from Bury Grammar School.

We have visited Angouleme several times and readers may like to know the twinning group presented the town with a red telephone box, and there is also a Boulevard Winston Churchill.

Every September there is an international rally of classic and vintage cars in the town which race around " Le Circuit des Ramparts" similar to a mini Le Mans.

In fact, I have arranged a visit to Cognac next May and will most definitely be taking the bus to Angouleme with the fare costing a mere 2 euros.

I note that Ms Clemence Banks is head of modern foreign languages at Bury Grammar School (Girls).

It was there in the 1950s that Miss Joyce Batty instilled in me the love of the French language which has dominated and enriched the whole of my life.

I have travelled and made friends all over France, and finally achieved a life-long ambition of living there for several years, on retirement.

May I wish those who still remember me "Bonne Annee et Bonne Sante en 2018".

Mrs Glenys Alice Ellis (Nee Holt)

New Court Drive