WHY has the issue of the ambulance worker suspension been blown out of all proportion?

As long has the deceased is handled with dignity throughout the process, that's all that matters.

Plus, no one knows what pressure the crew might have been under prior to this event.

Let's be honest — the procedure in respect of this transfer was probably more efficient than that carried out by the large funeral companies who transfer the deceased from local areas to their funeral hubs, but which we accept as the norm.

The finger should really be pointed at the area health authority for transferring major mortuary facilities to Oldham.

Fairfield was ideal for this areas needs, but now, as probably any funeral director in the area will tell you, trips to the mortuary at Oldham are the norm with journey times in the lap of the gods.

The ambulance service should reinstate this experienced person as soon as possible, rather than put colleagues under pressure carrying out extra duties.

J Walmsley

Heswall Drive