WHAT has happened to Bury Conservatives?

I am a proud supporter of the Tories, particularly given the mess that they inherited from Gordon Brown’s lousy Labour Government.

Locally, however, they have lost their way.

They were on the wrong side of the argument on the closure of the walk-in centres, don’t fight against bus service reductions and don’t seem to care about closure of local libraries — they just seem to champion taking them over in places like Tottington, making Labour’s life easier.

But what struck me this week was reading about their bizarre decision to punish Cllr David Jones for demanding more independent scrutiny of councillors, by resigning on mass from the Licensing and Safety panel, which Cllr Jones chairs.

Why on earth would they do that and waste council tax payers' money in the process — an entirely un-Conservative thing to do.

While I am not fan of Messrs Frith and Shori, they are at least visible on the pages of the Bury Times and ‘seem’ to be doing things that people that care about.

Whenever I read about the Conservatives in Bury, they are usually talking about this scandal or that scandal, not about the issues that really matter to me or my neighbours talk about.

I do not know the current leader of Bury Conservatives James Daly, personally, but he has been around a long time and although I am sure he is a nice man, perhaps it is time for a change to give some fresher, newer Conservative blood a chance.

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