SOMETIMES things are so obvious it is surprising why they were upset in the first place.

The proof is in the way funding was refused to British nationalised industries, but doubled to "privatised" utilities which, it turns out, are not so — they are owned often as not by foreign nationalised corporations.

Trains are a technical monopoly and the way to make them work — as do the Swiss, French and Germans, and even the American Amtrak — is to unify and standardise technically, and respect the technical aspect as much as the commercial profits.

A ship's captain has to make the vessel pay, but who would appoint a captain that is not a seaman first?

Let us hope our Greater Manchester fare zones save overheads,and through-ticket our journeys.

The sooner we see even more multi-storey car parks at or over metro stations the better, not only for clearing traffic, but increased exercise will help NHS costs.

Pay for them by an excise on sugar which will also save NHS treatment costs.

Stitch in time on prevention saves nine on cure.

Frank Adam

Hartley Avenue