THERESA May says the Government's number one priority is the Health Service.

She couldn’t be more wrong.

Any government's number one priority is defence of the realm, which presently is sadly neglected.

Our defence forces guarantee all the other services including the NHS by guaranteeing our security.

Presently the supposed cream of our navy, our type 45 destroyers, are in dock having major technical faults sorted out and they haven’t put to sea in months.

The Army is well below strength, our latest stealth fighter aircraft just delivered from America, costing £100 million each, are at an airbase protected by a five foot picket fence — you couldn’t make it up.

Our armed forces chiefs and the American defence chiefs want the UK to increase the defence budget to three per cent of GDP from the two per cent at present.

At least Donald Trump, to his credit, is right in castigating the UK and the EU on this point.

We give away 0.7 per cent of GDP in foreign aid to countries including China and India. Need I say more?

This year is the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War where some 700,000 British troops perished and it seems to me we have learned nothing from this.

The world has probably never been in such an unstable position since 1939 and yet the "great and the good" have taken their collective eyes off the ball.

My parents and my grandparents served in their respective times in both World Wars and I am sure they would be horrified at the present state of affairs.

After 70 years of relative peace, we have become complacent.

A new Cold War has started but what are we doing about it?

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